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Welcome to Kamp Krusty, The Krustiest Place On Earth! This is a tribute site to The Simpsons Seasons 1-10
There are 2482 images (memes) in the database. We also have Cover Photos, Wallpapers and even Ringtones. Check out the Downloads page for more!

News and Updates

Lack of Updates
Mar 11, 2016
Author: Mr. Black

Hey Hey! I've been busy lately and haven't gotten around to making any new memes for the episodes or new ringtones or wallpapers or ...(Read More)

The Leftorium Etsy Page
Feb 10, 2016
Author: Mr. Black

I was messaged about this Etsy page. It's obscure quotes, and random signs. It'd be a sweet gift, and just something cool for yourself to hang on ...(Read More)
Jan 11, 2016
Author: Mr. Black

Well I ran into issues with my free web forwarding service (you get what you pay for). So I decided to spring for a dot com domain name. I'm sure you already know the new URL is ...(Read More)

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S04E04 Jan. 21

  Season 1   12
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  Season 3   200
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