Lack of Updates
Mar 11, 2016
Author: Mr. Black

Hey Hey! I've been busy lately and haven't gotten around to making any new memes for the episodes or new ringtones or wallpapers or ...(Read More)

The Leftorium Etsy Page
Feb 10, 2016
Author: Mr. Black

I was messaged about this Etsy page. It's obscure quotes, and random signs. It'd be a sweet gift, and just something cool for yourself to hang on ...(Read More)
Jan 11, 2016
Author: Mr. Black

Well I ran into issues with my free web forwarding service (you get what you pay for). So I decided to spring for a dot com domain name. I'm sure you already know the new URL is ...(Read More)

Jan 7, 2016
Author: Mr. Black

Oh yes! I'm adding ringtones now, for both Android (mp3) and iPhone (m4r). I'm also taking requests, as long as they're ringtone-like clips. ...(Read More)

Videos to Facebook
Jan 7, 2016
Author: Mr. Black

Hey Kids! I'm starting to upload video clips to the facebook page. Video clips are so much easier to get and post than all the screen shots. However, ...(Read More)

Lennymania, or Lennyteria
Dec 13, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I got SLAAAAMMMED with requests for more names for that Lenny Photo. I'm not complaining, I love it. It's fun making ...(Read More)

Our Topless Story...
Dec 9, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Our topless story, President Clinton has launched a new website. 'Uh-oh, wait, let me guess. www Dot (whistles) Dot (boing)' ...(Read More)

We Go Live Soon
Dec 8, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I think tomorrow I'll finally share the link to this perfectly cromulent site. I really wish I had more quotes up here, but that's why people ...(Read More)

Marge, look what I did
Oct 15, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Hey there. So I have been writing news updates for basically nobody since I started doing this web page. Anyway ...(Read More)

Coming along nicely, Search Updated
Aug 19, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Frankly, I can't see why I can't share the page publicly yet. I know I just want the page to be perfect, but it never will be. ...(Read More)

This is a test, and an update
Jul 30, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

So I've spent the last three days working on something totally behind the scenes that nobody will ...(Read More)

Jul 17, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I went Viral. This post got me a whole truck load of new page likes. I knew I wasn't the only one that was a nerd that pays close ...(Read More)

New Picture Layout
Jul 15, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Yesterday and today I've been working on a new arrangement for my pictures. Having 300+ pics load at once isn't really ...(Read More)

Been Busy
Jul 7, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I've been busy going through a list of episodes I need to go through, as well as classic quotes I need for ...(Read More)

Cover Photos
Jun 18, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I've been focusing more on cover photos and desktop wallpapers lately. Something to give ...(Read More)

Launch Soon
May 28, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Well, I broke 1000 pics. I haven't uploaded them to the season pages but I did upload them to the server, so I haven't updated ...(Read More)

May 22, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I'm pretty sure the social media share buttons are working. The only problem I'm coming across is on ...(Read More)

News: Like Comment and Share
May 21, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Well the subject pretty much says it all. I've got share buttons for facebook and twitter working... (Read More)

Getting Closer to Launch
May 21, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Yesterday I got the news working on the mobile version of the site. Today I'm working on more... (Read More)

News Feed and Database Update
May 18, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Today I continued to work on the news feed to display properly. I'm having a bit of difficulty... (Read More)

Behind the Scenes Update
May 15, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I added a new way to put in the news updates. Now they are separate stories that you can click on and share on social media sites! Also... (Read More)

Lots of New Pics
May 13, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I added a whole mess of pictures to season 4, some more in season 7, and season 8. I'm going to focus more on the "classic" quotes that... (Read More)

Happy Whacking Day
May 10, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Happy Whacking Day! (Read More)

May the 4th Be With You
May 4, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I've been creating season 4 pictures like a mad man. I added some more things here and there... (Read More)

More Pics
March 30, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

I've been busy with other things lately and haven't had the chance to focus on the website, however... (Read More)

Search and Pic of the Day
January 20, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Search is working. It isn't ideal, but it works. Also added a "Pic of the Day." Which is just the... (Read More)

January 14, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Mobile version of the site is up and running!

Currently working on search feature.
(Read More)

Website Graphics Update
January 12, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Added Season 6. Most haven't even been uploaded to facebook yet!

Finished the graphics for the layout at the bottom of the page
(Read More)

Random Picture!
January 9th, 2015
Author: Mr. Black

Random pic button is now functioning. Also I added some pics to seasons 4 and 5 (Read More)