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S03E01 Stark Raving Dad
S03E02 Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
S03E03 When Flanders Failed
S03E04 Bart the Murderer
S03E05 Homer Defined
S03E06 Like Father, Like Clown
S03E07 Treehouse of Horror II
S03E08 Lisa's Pony
S03E09 Saturdays of Thunder
S03E10 Flaming Moe's
S03E11 Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
S03E12 I Married Marge
S03E13 Radio Bart
S03E14 Lisa the Greek
S03E15 Homer Alone
S03E16 Bart the Lover
S03E17 Homer at the Bat
S03E18 Separate Vocations
S03E19 Dog of Death
S03E20 Colonel Homer
S03E21 Black Widower
S03E22 The Otto Show
S03E23 Bart's Friend Falls in Love
S03E24 Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

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